About Ulla

Award winning Danish-born painter Ulla says, “All my canvasses are painted with passion and love, straight from the heart. I am basically inspired by the impressionists, but apart from that I don't think I fit into any category!"

I was born, I joke, 'with a paintbrush in my hand'. And having lived a colourful life, I have been fortunate enough to be able to paint professionally for more than 20 years - and hope sincerely that I will do so till I, as I put it, 'fall out of my little red Danish clogs', inshallah! Every day is a new adventure.

I have Faith ... Years ago I said, "I have Faith. I believe in the good in human nature and prefer to focus on this aspect - negative - is not my nature. It is an ongoing challenge! Without love the world would be a lost planet."

Today I will add, I still have Faith - only now the world seems more broken and at times with a different set of values which to me is sad. However, this sadness will not be reflected in my work as I indulge in timelessness - and a little bit of magic!

Give me beauty, freedom, peace, and love - and, always, hope. That is happiness to me.
Photo by Jerry Mason