I am in full swing working on my latest series, ‘LOVE UKRAINE’. I am passionate about it and painting like wildfire!
As always, I prefer to emphasise the positive aspects of life. Like many of us today I am haunted by the shocking events taking place in Ukraine. I will leave it to others to show the horrible sights and scenes that so tragically take place daily in a war torn country. I have therefore embarked on a brand new series of paintings showing all the diverse natural beauty of Ukraine, an independent country now ravished by a wholly undeserved and brutal war.

A country like Ukraine with its proud, courageous people deserves freedom and peace, love and hope. I pray for this every day. In the meanwhile I shall do my best to show, on canvas, in my own way, the true natural beauty of this amazing country. I am going to fill all my canvasses with these beautiful sights! This is a work in progress - I started painting this series during the summer of 2022 and keep finding an abundance of inspiration as I am going along, in fact, more every day. I have chosen to basically paint in the national colours of Ukraine, a multitude of hues of blue and yellow, on my favourite snow-white canvas.

I hope from my heart that my paintings will also eventually show a new resplendent Ukraine…rising like a phoenix, after the war…To quote Martin Luther King: “I Have a Dream…”

And now to work!

As always I am relying on my genuine inspiration, my passion and intuition - which has been my trusty guide above everything else. Straight from the heart.
  • Love Ukraine. Golden Fields in Summer
  • Love Ukraine. Hills of Ukraine
  • A recent peek inside my crowded studio

An original ULLA painting, ‘White Nights. Silent Forest’ was auctioned by Wolfson College, University of Oxford for £2,000 in support of Ukrainian humanitarian effort

As a Danish-born painter I have always been very attracted to the particular beauty of Nordic and wild sceneries - and their short summers.

As part of what I like to call my ‘Danish Blues’ I painted ‘White Nights. Silent Forest’ in 2007 and have held my hand over it ever since, as it touched something deep-felt in my Scandinavian soul. The deep forest lakes surrounded by serene, tall pine forests - cool, mysterious, dreamlike.

Looking at this painting one might sense the moon above, and also get a sense of those rare nights when it never gets fully dark, their life so very short…

I am donating this painting in the hope that I may be of some help to the tragic and brave people of Ukraine, and at the same time I would also like to think that my painting will find a good home! - It was painted from the heart, as is every painting of mine.
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