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Ulla received The Freedom of The City of London in 2008.

November 2013 Group Exhibition Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea, New York, N.Y.10001

For the first time Ulla will be showing some of her canvases from her brand new 'My Cosmos' Series at the distinguished Museum-Forum Gallery, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, in Chelsea, New York City, November/December 2013.

Lee Krasner stated, "Painting... in which the inner and the outer man are inseparable, transcends technique, transcends subject and moves into the realm of the inevitable." Influenced by her travels throughout the world, contemporary painter Ulla Plougmand's lusciously saturated acrylic on canvas "My Cosmos" series visually expresses the boundless expanses of our universe by exploring through organic lines and opulent colors the brilliant energies of the greatest unknown frontier to contemporary society: outer space.

Ms. Plougmand's acrylic on canvas oeuvre ranges in subject matter from effervescent female forms to abstract dreamscapes inspired by the cosmos. An underlying tie between canvases is her fantastic use of saturated hues, with the artist proclaiming, "My life IS color!" Her palette investigates primary hues ranging from sapphire blues, fiery reds, sun-kissed oranges and lemony yellows, all juxtaposing and intermixing to create cyclonic compositions expressive of cosmic creation. Her current series "My Cosmos" is inspired by her recent travels around the world; the U.S., Europe, Ireland, Norway, the Orkney Islands and the Scottish Highlands are a few distant locales the artist spent time exploring. Although Earth is her playground, Ms. Plougmand is interested in expressing frontiers physically unattainable yet rich in imagination, stating, "Although I love our planet Earth I am sometimes finding it increasingly small and therefore I am now expanding my mind and my work into space which has been an obsession of mine since childhood!" As the artist journeys across the world, she channels her multifaceted experiences into her artwork. Ulla Plougmand's lusciously layered compositions visually reflect one's imagination experiencing the far expanses of outer space. Thick layers of paint swirl and circumnavigate to create undulating cyclonic forms that whirl about her canvases, mimicking the act of cosmic creation symbolized through her expressive intergalactic titles. Exceeding human limitations by expressing the underlying celestial cycles of the universe, Ms. Plougmand's "My Cosmos" series elicits the awe-inspiring powers of our expansive universe.

The Danish born, award-winning artist Ulla Plougmand works and resides in London. She exhibits her artwork internationally in group and solo exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. Her artwork is treasured in many public and private collections worldwide, and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the artwork of this contemporary star.


The last few years I have been travelling extensively - mostly in the U.S., also Europe as well as in the far North, places like Iceland, Norway, the Orkney Islands, the Scottish Highlands, the Hebrides where the Isle of Skye has become one of my absolute favourites. Being Scandinavian, my heart is always close to those latitudes.

I have been following my dream and I am now busy painting my Space Series: My Cosmos.

Although I love our planet Earth I am sometimes finding it increasingly small and therefore I am now expanding my mind and my work into space which has been a bit of an obsession of mine ever since my childhood!

As always, I do not paint more than 12 paintings a year - and I have no plans of a major exhibition of my latest work at the moment. It is ongoing.

Painting is my passion and my life.

You can see the paintings in the Paintings Gallery, as well as on Facebook!

THE SEVEN DAUGHTERS OF EVE - The Fusion of Art with Science
4th - 22nd June 2007 Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford OX2 6UD

Ulla's Seven Daughters of Eve Series - which incorporates human DNA in the original oil paintings - is based on the best-selling book of the same name by the Oxford Professor of Human Genetics Bryan Sykes. This is a completely unique collection created specifically to portrait the seven goddesses.

Giclee Prints of The Seven Daughters of Eve Series, signed by Ulla, are now available through

The Jennifer Gerard Gallery
34 Stert Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire. OX14 3JP. All enquiries Tel. +44(0)1235 527508 or email info@jennifergerardgallery.com


Oxford Ancestors Ltd
PO Box 288, Kidlington, Oxfordshire. OX5 1WG. UK. Tel. +44(0)1865 374425.

Further Information:

brochure pdf Download FULL COLOR BROCHURE (3.2MB pdf)

Ulla in the news



Space Orgasm (Copyrights Ulla)

Portrait of Velda - one of the Seven Daughters of Eve (Copyrights Ulla 2007)


Ulla applying DNA to portrait of Jasmine

Prof. Sykes drills into the teeth of 100,000 years old Neanderthal jaw in order to recover its DNA


September - October - November 2005

Ulla's latest exhibition of a collection of romantic paintings spanning the last decade.

The Mayfair Club, Holmes Place
By appointment only

Further Information:

Tel/Fax 020 77239143
E-mail: UllaArt@aol.com

Tel: 020 7928 1752

Holmes Place, Mayfair
Hereford House
North Row, London W1

Nearest tube: Marble Arch

Click here for location


The Golden Swanlake

New Hope, South Africa


Tuesday 11 - Saturday 15 November 2003
Luke & A Gallery of Modern Art
4 Pollen Street, London W1
Open Daily from 10:30am - 6:30pm

Press Release Click Here

Opening Night Photos Click Here

Further Information:

Tel/Fax 020 77239143
E-mail: UllaArt@aol.com

Positive Profile
Jonathan Rush
Tel: 020 7489 2028
Out of Office Tel: 07798 812 253

Luke & A Gallery
Alexander Barabanov
Tel: 020 7629 6622


Woman with flamed coloured hair, Oil on Canvas, 40"x30"

You can also view some of Ulla's original paintings at:

The Wilton Group
26 Grosvenor Street, Mayfair
London W1K 4QN
Contact Valika for appointment on
Tel: 020 7355 3525


Date: 11 - 22 November 2002

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The International Maritime Organization Headquarter
4 Albert Embankment, London SE1

Opening Hours:
this exhibition is open to the public BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

For viewing appointment please call:

Tel/Fax 020 77239143
E-mail: UllaArt@aol.com

Olga Hadjilambri, OPR
Tel. 020 88863424
E-mail: info@opr.org.uk


Blue Infinity, Acryllic on canvas, 39"x 32"

Nordic Moon.Reflection, Oil on canvas,
39" x32"

Palazzo Barberini (Sala della Lupa)
Via Quattro Fontane, Roma
8th April - 14th April 2OO2
Open daily 1O-12.3O - 16.3O-19.3O
Sunday 1O.OO-15.3O




2 Marshall Street (next to Carnaby Street)
London W1F 9BB
8th May - lOth May 2OO2
Open daily lO a.m. - 8 p.m.
For further information please
e-mail: nicki@spirogroup.net
Tel: +44 (O)2O 7534543O

Ulla merged with her painting via projection





By the Marquess of Bath

Ulla and Bath

Recorded at the Opening of "A Vision Of Romance" Exhibition at the Atrium Gallery in London's Whiteley's. Click Here to play recording.

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By Mary Rose Beaumont
- Critic and Art Historian

Self PortraitSelf-portrait. From Denmark with Love

"A Love of colour is the overwhelming first impression of Ulla's work, and she harnesses this love of colour to celebrate many aspects of the female nude.

Sometimes the figure is integrated into the landscape, almost becoming one with it; at other times it floats as if dreaming in space. Flowers are also important to Ulla, and her beautiful paintings of fields of exotic blooms put one in mind of mille fiori tapestries.

It is significant that she gives them the generic title 'Self-Portrait', at once declaring herself and remaining secret."


Press Reviews



BBC News published 2007/06/04
Daughters of Eve in DNA paintings

An artist has created portraits of the "Seven Daughters of Eve" using paint containing reconstructed ancient DNA.

Danish artist Ulla Plougmand-Turner mixed sequences of ancient DNA, produced in an Oxford laboratory, into paint to create the images.

The pictures represent seven women, from whom it is thought the majority of Europeans can trace their DNA line.

Described as "a fusion of science and art", the paintings went on exhibition on Monday at Wolfson College, Oxford.

Read Entire Article (280KB PDF).


DAILY TELEGRAPH. Published 2007/05/18
A DNA portrait of European history

Art will blend with genetics in a forthcoming exhibition, reports Roger Highfield

A remarkable slice of history is captured in this painting, which contains DNA that is representative of the seven women who are thought to be the ancestors of almost all Europeans.

The Danish painter Ulla Plougmand-Turner has embedded representative snippets of reconstructed ancient DNA from the women within a series of paintings, entitled the Seven Daughters of Eve, which will go on public show for the first time in a few weeks.

Read Entire Article (584KB PDF).


Oxford Times. Weekend. Published 2007/06/01
The Seven Daughters of Eve is trailed as a fusion of art with science. If they have succeeded in their aims then this exhibition is imbued with the spirit of Leonardo.

The scientific concept behind the show if that all of European descent can trace our ancestry to seven women. Eve herself came out of Africa!

Some years ago, a friend of Bryan Sykes, Professor of Human Genetics at Oxford University, asked him if it was possible to obtain DNA from ancient bones rather like Michael Crichton imagined in Jurassic Park. He replied: "No," but went on to prove himself wrong by being the first scientist to extract DNA from archaeological human remains.

Read Entire Article (395KB).

  East Anglian Daily Times

I think my roots are showing

It isnít only Crime Scene Investigators who are interested in DNA, more and more people are having it tested to determine their ancestral origins. LLyynnnnee MMoorrttiimmeerr discovers her French connection

Have you ever wondered where your ancient forebears first emerged from their caves? Oxford Ancestors, founded by Oxford University Professor of human genetics Bryan Sykes, is a company that traces your genetic origins through the maternal line by testing your DNA.

Itís a simple exercise. All you do is brush a cell sample from the inside of your cheek, pop it into an envelope, send it off and wait.

I sent off my precious DNA in a state of great excitement Ė would I turn out to be the missing link? What I rather hoped to find was that my ancestors came over with William the Conqueror in 1066...

Read Entire Article (2.6MB PDF).

  The Independent Page 3


If you love the sensual beauty of RUbens and detests Lucian Freud for making a pregnant Jerry Hall look like a blubbery lump then you are not alone.

Traditionalists distressed by the alleged distortion of the female form in modern art are hitting back by launching the Society for the Appreciation of the Female Nude (SAFN) to encourage artists who depict beautiful female nudes, whether in a classical or modern style.

The founders, a group of wealthy art lovers, believe that contemporary artists who follow a tradition stretching from Botticelli to the Victorians Leighton and Millais are being sidelined by Britain's national galleries.

They fear that an aesthetic of ugliness is favoured by the new arts establishment - even though conventional attractive nudes are always much in demand at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition and are a staple for commercial dealers...

Read Entire Article (380KB).

  BBC News


A society championing 'beautiful' female nudes is handing out its inaugural award on Monday. The Society for the Appreciation of the Female Nude (SAFN) wants to encourage artists who paint traditional nudes rather than "ugly" figures, it said. The society will hand out their first Venus Award to artist Ulla Plougmand-Turner for her work Woman With Flame Coloured Hair.

A society spokesman said it was a reaction to contemporary nudes. Jonathan Rush said the society was a group of "art lovers who are bored with looking at geometric or ugly nudes in galleries". It will present the prize to Danish artist Plougmand-Turner at the Luke & A Gallery in Mayfair in central London on Monday night.

'Ghastly and grotesque'

"Modern artists who want to paint traditional nudes do not seem to be able to show their work," he said. The fashion for painting such nudes had started, he said, with Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon in 1907, which Mr Rush said had caused a furore when it was painted. The painting shows four nude prostitutes with geometric faces and bodies that Mr Rush said looked "ghastly and grotesque". "Since then modern artists have been painting nudes without much reflection of reality." ...

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Mandag denne uka ble den aller første Venus Award, en kunstpris med et noe spesielt formål, utdelt til den danskfødte kunstneren Ulla Plougmand-Turner.

Prisen ble overrakt av markien av Bath. Det oppleves som en stor ære å være den første kunstneren som får denne prisen, sier Ulla Plougmand-Turner til Dagbladet.no. Det er foreningen «The Society for the Appreciation of the Female Nude» (SAFN) som står bak prisen. Den skal være en inspirasjon for kunstnere som maler «vakre» nakne kvinnekropper. SAFN ønsker å oppmuntre til maling av tradisjonelle aktbilder, fremfor det de kaller «stygge» figurer. Foreningen reagerer på aktbilder i samtidskunsten...

Read Entire Article.


The Mail - Nigel Dempster


After becoming a father for the third time last autumn at the age of 67, as I revealed exclusively, the happily eccentric Marquess of Bath, who has a number of 'wifelets' at his Longleat home, set tongues wagging again the other evening when he laid on supper at the 9,000-acre Wiltshire estate for Danish-born affist, Ulla Turner. Six-foot tall and with a model figure, divorcee Ulla even looks like wifelet number 18. But the only thing unitng the pair is their love of vibrant paintings. She tells me: 'There was no hanky-panky. when I visited him. I was invited with a mutual friend and he seemed very interested in my paintings. "Besides I'm a one-man | woman."

Bath, who prefers not to identify the mother of his baby daughter - he has anheir, Viscount Weymount, 25, and Oxford graduate daughter Lady Lenka Thynn, 30, by Hungarian born actress Anna Gaelhas covered the walls of a private staircase with exotic murals of his conquests (69 at the last count). Meanwhile Ulla tells me Bath will be at the February 22 private view of her exhibition A Vision Of Romance at the Atrium Gallery in Whiteley's, West London. 'He's an intelligent and interesting man,' she says.

  British Airways Highlife


Her feminine bodies are curvaceous with rounded forms viewed from every angle and Ulla's interpretation of womanhood verges on the abstract - she never paints the faces of her creations, concentrating more on the human form and its inner dimensions. Ulla's paintings will be exhibited from 4th-16t August 1999 at the Atriun' Gallery at Whiteley's, Lotrdon W2. For more infornation call +44-(0)171-723 9143.
SOAP STARS turned popstars; actors turned directors; sports stars turned actors; Ronald Reagan, for heaven's sake These days it seems like being ~ celebrated in one field isn t enough l_ any more.There's even an acronym for the Model-Turned-Actress: ULLA. But in the case of Danish painter Ulla Turner, MTA stands for Model Turned-Artist. Unlike those MTAs, who pooh-pooh their former profession and beg to be 'taken seriously, the six-foot blonde has drawn on her past experrience as a clothes horse to celebrate the beauty of the female anatomy in her oils, and nature in her land, sea and snow scapes. But it is the naked women who really stand out, as naked women tend to. After several solo exhibitions in both London and Los Angeles in the past year alone, Ulla's artistic career is looking a lot healthier than Cindy Crawford's acting ambitions.

  Feung Shui Feature


Danish-born Ulla has made her presence felt in the art world on both sides of the Atlantic with the vibrancy and spontaneous exuberance of her paintings. After a successful modelling career, where she travelled the world extensively absorbing a multitude of impressions, of people, cultures, colours and scenery, she took up painting and has never looked back since. Ulla's paintings have soul. They cannot be explained, they must be experienced. Her talent is refreshingly natural, as indeed is the painter herself, and her work has been described as 'effervescent, vibrant and intense'.

This is no exaggeration. Every time you look, you will discover something fresh, even unexpected, that each painting strives to offer. The artist's unique style is a jubilant celebration of life, expressed in vibrant red, yellow and green colours applied mostly with bold brush strokes, indicating a dominance of yang energy. That Ulla calls her 'beloved Danish blues', blue being her favourite colour which she uses extensively in her serene Scandinavian pieces. Her favourite painting is a harmonious blend of blue shades entitled Moonfalls. The painting radiates a feeling of warmth and hope, despite the conventional interpretation of the colour blue being a cold colour. The various shades of blue, a yin colour, blend with the very yang colours of her dreamlike landscapes which are inspired by the wonders of nature - volcanoes, mountains, ice and fire.

She also produces a positive feeling of optimism for the future with her use of sunshine yellow and bursts of white. Another recurring theme in her work is the beauty of the female body Her feminine bodies are curvaceous with rounded forms viewed from every angle and Ulla's interpretation of womanhood verges on the abstract - she never paints the faces of her creations, concentrating more on the human form and its inner dimensions. ...

  Ulla Donates Painting


THE artist Ulla recently donated one of her most spiritual art works - Wandering of Souls - to raise money for the Royal London Hospital Maxillo-facial Research Fund, headed by Professor Paul Bradley.
In her speech during the well attended fund-raising event, she attributed her inspiration to the most important values in her own life; 'Peace and Freedom, Love and Hope." She said: "This positive and symbolical painting has no feeling of fin-de-siecle gloom; on the contcary, I believe it is a triumphant celebration of the next millenniuml By the movement upwards and forward. of 'inner light', This symbolises my hope for a better life and a better world for all of us."

Ulla has also recently shown over 40 of her original oils and photographic images in an exhibition entitled 'Dreamwomen and Dreamscapes' at the Atrium Gallery in Bayswater. Reflecting her two recurring themes, the exhibition was a great success, and contributed to the recognition of Ulla as an international artist of considerable talent. Ulla has now set her sights on the Millennium. Her last two paintings with such a theme, 'Millennium Flame of Light' and 'Millennium Celebration of Life' formed part of her prize - winning exhibition at the same Gallery earlier in the year. The Millennium Commission need not look any further should more art projects be added to the funding for big celebrations.