About Ulla

Award winning Danish-born painter Ulla says, “All my canvasses are painted with passion and love, straight from the heart. I am basically inspired by the impressionists, but apart from that I don't think I fit into any category!"

I was born, I joke, 'with a paintbrush in my hand'. And having lived a colourful life, I have been fortunate enough to be able to paint professionally for more than 20 years - and hope sincerely that I will do so till I, as I put it, 'fall out of my little red Danish clogs', inshallah! Every day is a new adventure.

I have Faith ... Years ago I said, "I have Faith. I believe in the good in human nature and prefer to focus on this aspect - negative - is not my nature. It is an ongoing challenge! Without love the world would be a lost planet."

Today I will add, I still have Faith - only now the world seems more broken and at times with a different set of values which to me is sad. However, this sadness will not be reflected in my work as I indulge in timelessness - and a little bit of magic!

Give me beauty, freedom, peace, and love - and, always, hope. That is happiness to me.
And the critics say:

“A love of colour is the overwhelming first impression of Ulla’s work, and she harnesses this love of colour to celebrate many aspects of the female nude.
Sometimes the figure is integrated into the landscape, almost becoming one with it; at other times it floats as if dreaming in space.
Flowers are also important to Ulla, and her beautiful paintings of fields of exotic blooms put one in mind of ‘mille fiori’ tapestries.
It is significant that she gives them the generic title ‘Self-Portrait’, at once declaring herself and remaining secret.”

Mary Rose Beaumont
London. 2003

“Ulla Plougmand’s lusciously layered compositions visually reflect one’s imagination experiencing the far expanses of outer space. Thick layers of primary hues - ranging from sapphire blues to fiery reds, sun-kissed oranges and lemony yellows - swirl and circumnavigate to create undulating cyclonic forms that whirl about her canvasses, mimicking the act of cosmic creation symbolized through her expressive intergalactic titles. Exceeding human limitations by expressing the underlying celestial cycles of the universe.
Ulla’s “My Cosmos” series elicits the awe-inspiring powers of our expansive universe.”

New York. 2013-14

What collectors say:

"Scandinavian Sunrise is breathtaking - Ulla at her very finest. Bursting with colour and painted so obviously with love and passion, it is impossible to take your eyes away from it. It conjures up the magic of first light in a most beautiful part of the world. It is a remarkable painting - like all her work - tenderly reflective, insightful, overflowing with optimism, energy and sheer love of life. No proper collection can be complete without one."

Lord Black of Brentwood
Deputy Chairman, Telegraph Media Group

"My husband and I bought one of Ulla's paintings more than 10 years ago, Nordic Moon. The colours are yellow and purple. We have always loved this painting and for all these years it has had its own place in our house, right next to our dinner table so that we can look at it every time we enjoy a nice meal. This also allows us to think of Ulla and send her our love."

Lise, Copenhagen

“Ulla’s paintings are a volcano of colour and they brighten life while you are in their vicinity!”

The Marquess of Bath
Longleat House
Photo by Jerry Mason