Female Forms

My female forms are ever colourful, abstract'ish forms, as I am drawn to and fascinated by the beauty of rounded shapes and curves, not least inspired by my years as a model. In my works I often concentrate on just one colour as a base - simple and uncluttered. My 'women of the world' as well as out of this world are, in fact, all goddesses, floating comfortably in clouds or even in space.

An example is my 'The Seven Daughters of Eve'. The seven beauties are my interpretation of the seven women, our ancestors, as portrayed by Professor Bryan Sykes in his world best-selling book ‘The Seven Daughters of Eve’.

Woman in Space

36"48"122cm92cmOil on canvasPrivate collection

Woman With Flame Coloured Hair

40"30"102cm76cmOil on canvasPrivate collection

Woman with Giant Swan

24"18"61cm46cmOil on boardPrivate collection

Woman With Wild Swans

40"30"102cm76cmOil on canvasDover Street Art Club, LondonPrivate collection

Yellow Straw Hat

36"48"92cm122cmOil on canvasPrivate collection